Project Spotlight – Hybrid Cooling Modding

Customer: Hybrid Cooling Modding

Project: Computer Cooling Water Block Project

Category: Computer Components

Hybrid Cooling Modding Component
Hybrid Cooling Modding Component 5
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Hybrid Cooling Modding came to us with the need to have parts made for their custom cooling project for computers. They needed parts made from Copper, Aluminum and Plastic. We were able to quote, manufacture, and deliver their parts within 14 days! Check out their story below.

What is Hybrid Cooling Modding?   Hybrid Cooling Modding is a French company of Cooling Systems designed for computer components (Graphic card, memory, processor)

“Parts-Badger allowed us to create specific pieces that we could not create, or were too long for our small workshop. We were able to Increase the number of parts available and give free rein to our imagination!”

These parts are water blocks. A water block is the watercooling equivalent of a heatsink. It can be used on many different computer components, including the central processing unit (CPU), GPU, PPU, and Northbridge chipset on the motherboard. It consists of at least two main parts; the “base”, which is the area that makes contact with the device being cooled and is usually manufactured from metals with high thermal conductivity such as aluminum or copper. The second part, the “top” ensures the water is contained safely inside the water block and has connections that allow hosing to connect it with the water cooling loop.

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