Recently, PartsBadger was featured as the cover story in the BizTimes Milwaukee October 26th, 2020 Edition. PartsBadger saw the challenges and rose above to continue a perseverance during the time of Covid-19 and we are proud to share our story with the local community and others. There is hope for companies willing to accept the nature of unforeseen challenges and set themselves apart.

Robb Zimdars, Design Engineer at PartsBadger, had this to say:

“When I signed on with this young company back in 2018, I didn’t anticipate all this press .. but it sure feels good to see our team leaders on the cover of BizTimes today. There’s something uniquely special about this place, and I often see correlations between our work and our race team (also kicking some ass this year). Racing is about adding: power, upgrades, resources. It is also about subtracting: weight, distractions, complexity, curbs, speed traps, oncoming traffic. You don’t want those things on a race track. The company was built by racers using racer priorities … assemble top notch people, point to the finish line, and get there together. What makes it special to me is what was left out: bureaucratic hurdles, meetings for their own sake, secret alliances and vendettas, punitive policies, resentments both up and down the ladder. That’s all dead weight, like a broken radio and moldy carpet in a racecar. Serves no purpose but to slow things down. Leave all that nonsense out, and what’s left? The work itself, getting our customers the parts they need so THEY can get to their finish lines, and we get to do that in a relaxed, positive, supportive atmosphere. Makes me wonder why more companies don’t aspire to this kind of arrangement, it sure is nice looking forward to coming to work every day. GO TEAM!”

We are proud to have an amazing team working together through challenges to continue the growth of our people and organization.

View the BizTimes Milwaukee Article here.