Meet the Team

The PartsBadger team is a group of unique and talented individuals that are ready to take on your CNC machining project. We have our headquarters in Cedarburg, WI, as well as, a team of national sales engineers to assist you at any location. Learn more about the personalities below and visit our Contact page to connect with a PartsBadger team member.

Administrative, Operations, and Support Staff

Our corporate office is located just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in Cedarburg. Additionally, we have local manufacturing in the same location. The staff at PartsBadger are ready to help you with design engineering questions, customer service, billing & shipping, and any other company questions you may have.

Sales Support

Our On Demand Engineers operate out of our Cedarburg, Wisconsin location. They are ready to provide supply chain and sales support to our customers. Additionally, we have a national team of sales engineers to ensure our customers have a one-on-one contact available for their machined parts and customer service needs.

  • In my free time you can find me playing guitar, drums, and bass. I also enjoy long-boarding and hiking whenever I get the chance to go.
    Chase Harrington: Design Engineer
  • Shane-Turner-of-PartsBadger
    I enjoy spending time with my family, usually at a sporting event. Fitness is also a big part of our lives.
    Shane Turner: Sales Engineer in Indianapolis
  • Brian Walchek of PartsBadger
    I have experience in driving sales in a wide range of industries. This experience has given me a passion for delivering parts and services to thriving companies. I am also a music devotee and father of three. Originally from Nebraska, I am an avid Husker fan.
    Brian Walchek: Sales Engineer in San Antonio
  • Robb Zimdars of PartsBadger
    I’m passionate about motorcycles, and spend as much time as possible riding and refurbishing bikes of all types. I also enjoy cooking. I live in Sussex with my wonderful family: my wife Gail, and our daughter Cassie, who will be transferring to UW Madison this year. Go Badgers!
    Robb Zimdars: Design Engineer
  • Robert Banach of PartsBadger
    I have been happily married to (Mary) for 46 years. We have 3 grown children and two grand daughters. I enjoy playing pickle ball, fishing, disc golf and hiking. GO BLUE!
    Robert Banach: Sales Engineer in Michigan
  • Tim Xiong of PartsBadger
    I enjoy playing volleyball during my free time. The great outdoors is my playground and I am always looking forward to my next adventure.
    Tim Xiong: Design Engineer
  • Joe Lancia of PartsBadger
    When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family and grandchildren. I love all different kinds of music and enjoy an evening at a live concert. I love to travel and  like day and weekend get a ways. I am an avid football fan both college and pro.
    Joe Lancia: Sales Engineer in Cincinnati
  • Michelle Bernard of PartsBadger
    When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and exploring this beautiful country.
    Michelle Bernard: On Demand Engineer
  • Roy Dietsch PartsBadger
    Roy is a nerd at heart and enjoys learning about the latest innovations and technologies.
    Roy Dietsch: CEO & Co-Founder
  • Scott Sudoma PartsBadger
    When not at work, I enjoy spending time at home with my family.  I am a die-hard fisherman, spending as much free time on the lake as I can, and I love collecting vintage action figures.
    Scott Sudoma: On Demand Engineer
  • Doug DuBois of PartsBadger
    I spend most of my home time with my family and newborn daughter.  In my spare time, I enjoy running and biking.  I also have a very energetic great dane that joins me on the trails.
    Doug DuBois: Digital Sales Manager
  • Mike Kanneneberg of PartsBadger
    My faith and family has inspired me since I met my wife Sherry. I have 4 grandchildren which make me smile like nothing else imaginable. I enjoy the outdoors, especially northern Wisconsin and UP of Michigan. The NFL is embedded in me every Sunday and fishing lakes in the north has made my life complete.
    Mike Kannenberg: On Demand Engineer
  • I enjoy spending time with my family and I love to go boating on the intracoastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico. I enjoy a nice long bike ride on the Legacy Trail, the wild life I see is amazing.
    Matthew Costello: Sales Engineer in Tampa/St. Petersburg
  • Nick Krumbiegel PartsBadger
    I enjoy my free time by spending it with friends and family. I also enjoy working on cars and motorcycles.
    Nick Krumbiegel: Design Engineer
  • Craig Rausch of PartsBadger
    I’m a pretty easy going guy.  I love to golf, watching the Packers, and mainly hanging out with good friends.  During the summer you can catch me at one of the many festivals Milwaukee has to offer.
    Craig Rausch: On Demand Engineer
  • Chris Miguet of PartsBadger
    When I am not at work, you will likely find me on the lake. My favorite hobby is playing poker and I have hopes to become a Pro Player and win a World Series of Poker Bracelet.
    Chris Miguet: On Demand Engineer
  • Kevin Sullivan of PartsBadger
    I have over 20 years of experience in the power generation industry promoting steam turbine modernization and upgrades to power utilities. When I am not spending time with family and friends, I am either playing sports or watching sports, camping, fishing, walking, hiking or biking the trails. I am an avid bodybuilder in the gym and plan to compete in the next couple of years.
    Kevin Sullivan: Sales Engineer in Central Florida
  • James Bloomfield of PartsBadger
    I enjoy traveling, trying new restaurants, and spending time with friends and family.
    James Bloomfield: Director of On Demand Engineering
  • Alex Rapala of PartsBadger
    When I’m not hanging out with friends, or watching movies and TV shows; you can probably find me in a dimly lit room thinking of my weekly allotment of one-liners.
    Alex Rapala: Web Developer / Programmer
  • I love spending time with my husband and daughter, disc golfing, art, astronomy, and nature photography.
    Ashley Williams: Operations Coordinator
  • Tim Hillery of PartsBadger
    I am an avid sports fan who enjoys skiing, meeting new people, travelling, and learning new opportunities.
    Tim Hillery: Shipping & Packaging Tech
  • Jason Kowalski of PartsBadger
    Just your normal grease monkey, that enjoys a great dark beer after a hard days work.
    Jason Kowalski: Design Engineer
  • Bonnie-Bird-of-PartsBadger
    I enjoy cooking and spending time with my family, friends and my two dogs Nina and Nia.
    Bonnie Bird: Sales Engineer in New England
  • I enjoy spending time with family, traveling, experiencing new foods and learning different cultures. My hobbies began at a young age building remote control airplanes. I’ve been involved with my local Autocross clubs, wrenching on anything powered by fuel, and preparing my vessel for the next passage.
    Nicholas Wilson: Sales Engineer in Northern California
  • In my free time I like to work on my 3D printing projects. I also like to travel, both overseas and on cross-country road trips, as much as possible.
    Em McAllister: Design Engineer
  • Claudria Seefeldt of PartsBadger
    I spend my free time painting and sketching architectural designs. I love exploring new spaces in the city, spending time with my family, and sushi hunting with my friends.
    Claudria Seefeldt: Executive Assistant
  • Jack Slater On Demand Engineer at PartsBadger
    In my free time I enjoy playing Videogames with friends and my kids or doing family activities with my wife and kids.
    Jack Slater: On Demand Engineer
  • Nicole Krueger of PartsBadger
    I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I like playing tennis, going hiking, and going to Packer games. I love learning new things and my weekend getaway is going up north to Appleton, WI.
    Nicole Krueger: On Demand Engineer
  • With an extensive background in robotics, manufacturing, and project management, Steve offered the experience to help get PartsBadger where it is today.  Although no longer active in the business Steve will always be an important part of the PartsBadger story.
    Steve Kotlowski: Co-Founder
  • Wilian Tapia of PartsBadger
    I love to spend time with my family and my dog. Also, I like to learn new skills on my computer everyday.
    Wilian Tapia: Web Developer / Programmer
  • Bill Leonard of PartsBadger
    When not working, I enjoy spending time with my children, trying the hundreds of great restaurants off of the strip and playing some golf! There’s always something going on here in Vegas!
    Bill Leonard: Sales Engineer in Nevada
  • Jeff Wilson Quality COntrol Manager at PartsBadger
    Jeff likes to play Racquetball while spending time at the local YMCA, Eat good food (Italian),Cars and any outdoor activities.
    Jeff Wilson - Quality Control Manager
  • Alex Sparr of PartsBadger
    Outside of work I enjoy learning about new technologies and tinkering with electronics. If i'm not working on any projects you can find me chasing my daughter around the house.
    Alex Sparr - Marketing Coordinator
  • Coreen King of PartsBadger
    I have over 12 years of experience as a business owner, consultant, and sales rep across various industries. I love Nashville and spending time with my 2 boys, family, and friends. I have a passion for manufacturing and love the challenge of new projects.
    Coreen King: Sales Engineer in Tennessee
  • I enjoy spending time with my three children and husband. Spending time up north at our cabin.
    Heather Krueger: Production Coordinator
  • Daniel Ganado of PartsBadger
    While nothing beats getting lost in the forest with my boxer-lab mix, some close seconds are: diving into new technologies, and trying to grow tasty vegetables.
    Daniel Ganado: Web Developer / Programmer
  • Max Oppor of PartsBadger
    Outside of work I like reading books weight lifting, and old video games.
    Max Oppor: Web Developer / Programmer
  • When Jimmy isn’t working, he is either racing the PartsBadger endurance car or prepping it for the next event.
    Jimmy Crawford: COO & Co-Founder
  • Kevin Williams of PartsBadger
    Some of my favorite hobbies are: gaming, mixed martial arts, and going to school. I always love learning about different subjects so I am always in school.
    Kevin Williams: Quality Tech
  • Kevin WIllis of PartsBadger
    My wife and I enjoy entertaining at our pool or on our pontoon. Love our motorcycles currently a DR650 and a Concours 14. Am an open water diver, and have parachuted out of a perfectly good running airplane at over 28,500 ft. a HALO jump. We make it a point to travel to somewhere new at least every 3 months.
    Kevin Willis: Sales Engineer in Alabama
  • I enjoy traveling and photography, and I am an owner of the Green Bay Packers.
    Patrick Welge: Sales Engineer in Atlanta
  • Sean Whiting of PartsBadger
    I like spending time with my family and my interests include; working on projects related to home improvement, farm life, and muscle cars.
    Sean Whiting: Sales Engineer in Central Illinois
  • Carla Larson of PartsBadger
    I love spending time with my family and grandchildren. I also enjoy riding Harley’s and traveling.
    Carla Larson: Director of Talent
  • I enjoy ice climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, chopping firewood, improving hiking trails on our land, and walking in the woods with my wife and two dogs Willow & Norah.
    Graham Shaw: Sales Engineer in New England
  • Mike Mortl of PartsBadger
    I like spending time with my son, working on my car, and learning how to build or fix anything!
    Mike Mortl: Machine Operator
  • Ellis O'Connell PartsBadger
    I am a designer and artist, pursuing innovation in various fields of business. I like to spend my free time skateboarding, making video art, and traveling.
    Ellis O'Connell: Engineering Coordinator
  • Douglas Daly of PartsBadger
    I enjoy spending time outdoors golfing, fishing, and hiking. I have extensive knowledge in the machining industry, including owning two mid-size CNC shops for 20+ years. I Love to solve application issues for clients.
    Douglas Daly: Eastern Pennsylvania Rep
  • Jeff Coffman of PartsBadger
    I enjoy spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, camping, hiking, World and Local Traveling. Recently, I was able to experience an 8k mile US cross country road trip.
    Jeff Coffman: Sales Engineer in Washington State
  • I love working with technology and learning new advancements. I enjoy all Wisconsin sports teams, especially Badgers and Packers football. I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, fishing and hunting. Summer and fall are my favorite seasons in Wisconsin.
    Patrick White: On Demand Engineer
  • JT Schonhoft of PartsBadger
    I am passionate about how things are made. My other passions include: snowboarding, mountain biking, skiing, riding my dirt bike, off-roading, or just being in the mountains.
    JT Schonhoft: Sales Engineer in Denver
  • Susan Zhang of PartsBadger
    I enjoy photography and cooking Chinese food.  I am a foodie for sure!  I also enjoy reading and hiking.
    Susan Zhang: Design Engineer
  • I am family oriented with a drive for continuous self development. I enjoy summers outdoors and winters taking trips around the country to see family and friends.
    Tiffany Tyner-Sohm: Production Assistant
  • In addition to my love of science and engineering, my interests include aviation, fitness and traveling.
    Jeremy Kramschuster: Sales Engineer in Wisconsin
  • Kimberly Crawford PartsBadger
    In my spare time I enjoy road racing, golfing, and spending time with my family.
    Kimberly Crawford: Design Engineering Manager
  • Kenny Lippold National Sales Manager at PartsBadger
    I enjoy high performance boating, my family, bulldogs, travel, golf, Packers, Bucks, Brewers & Badgers.  Love to make people happy.  "People remember most how you make them feel."
    Kenny Lippold - National Sales Manager
  • Alex Zumbado of PartsBadger
    I like to split my time between going to the gym, doing outdoor activities, and spending time playing board games and watching movies with my friends. I’m always ready to go explore a new place or experience a new thing.
    Alex Zumbado: Design Engineers
  • Brandon Spenneberg of PartsBadger
    In my spare time, I enjoy activities with my family, sports, boating & fishing, cooking, and all kinds of other activities life has to offer.
    Brandon Spenneberg: Marketing Manager
  • I love yoga and dancing. In my spare time, I also enjoy reading and watching TV shows.
    Becky Tam: European Sales
  • Spencer Sprinkman
    Hi I'm Spencer, your friendly neighborhood super stud! I like long walks on the beach and QUOTING PARTS!
    Spencer Sprinkman - On Demand Specialist

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