Below are a few questions we get about PartsBadger and machining processes.

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Who is PartsBadger?
PartsBadger is your online, custom machined parts supplier. We simplify the process of ordering custom CNC machined parts with instant pricing, online ordering, and speedy delivery.

We work with customers of all sizes from makers, tinkerers and hobbyists to professional industrial designers, architects, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking for quantities of 2 or 2000, PartsBadger can get the job done.

What is CNC manufacturing?

CNC manufacturing stands for Computer Numerical Control manufacturing. It involves using computer-controlled machines to automate the manufacturing process, resulting in precise and efficient production of complex parts and components.

What types of parts can be manufactured using CNC machining?

CNC machining can produce a wide range of parts, including intricate geometries, prototypes, complex components, and precision parts for industries like aerospace, automotive, medical, electronics, and more.

Do you take orders for any quantity?
Yes. We make the process of getting machined parts easier for anyone. Our lower cost and faster lead times work equally well for those ordering one part or 1000 parts.
How does the Instant Quote system work?
Our platform has been designed around getting a price immediately. We know that waiting on pricing holds up your process. So we ask you to upload a file and then enter some basic information about your part – like dimensions, material type, and surface finishes and we will provide a price. Submit your order and we will get to work!
What is the typical lead time for CNC machining projects?

Lead times can vary based on the complexity of the project, material availability, and production volume. We provide estimated lead times during the quoting process.

What are “contouring and off-axis” features?
Contouring refers to a smooth continuous surface or curved feature of your part. Features that require the part be placed on an axis other than the standard X, Y, or Z axis are considered “off axis.” Cuts at an odd angle increase the part complexity, or require a 5 axis machine. In either case, the machine time is increased in order to make your part the way you want and need it to be made.
Can you provide expedited production for urgent projects?

Yes, we offer expedited production options for time-sensitive projects. Please mention your timeline during the quoting process.

Why can’t I have 90 degree inside corners using a CNC machine?
We will often see designs that include 90 degree inside corners and will call you to talk about possible solutions. When you want to cut out an inside angle it’s important to keep the shape and size of the bit in mind. It is impossible to reach all the way into an inside angle using a rounded bit, and CNC bits are rounded.

Most designs can be modified slightly for a CNC machine. The diagram below shows common solutions. If you would like to talk about your specific part call or email us and we will be happy to discuss options with you.

What if I need a material you do not have listed?
We offer a wide range of materials as in-stock on our website, but sometimes there are projects which require a material we do not regularly stock. If this applies to you, call or email us and we will check on pricing and availability for you. It’s been our experience that we have not been able to locate a source of the material.
What materials can be used for CNC machining?

We work with various materials, including metals like aluminum, steel, stainless steel, titanium, and plastics like ABS, acrylic, nylon, and more. See our Materials page for a comprehensive list.

What is fillet or chamfer and why does it matter?
Fillets and chamfers create rounded or beveled edges. A fillet is a rounding on an exterior or interior corner of a part. The rounded edge or interior can be used to smooth sharp edges, or to distribute stress over a broader area making the part more durable. Chamfering is a common machining operation that uses a special bit to create beveling around the edge. This can be done for aesthetic reasons or to avoid weakness or stress.
In the “Part Complexity” section of the Instant Quote system what do you mean by “sides?”
In the Instant Quote tool we ask you to tell us the number of sides your part has that need to be machined. Some parts, like a plate, can be machined using only one axis. The more sides that need to be cut, the more complex the part is. If you have questions you can always mark “unsure,” or email us directly for a personalized quote.
What design file formats do you accept?
Acceptable file types include STL, STEP, STP, DWG, DXF, and SAT.
When will I get my order?

Many simple parts can be machined in a few weeks rather than a few months. We strive to provide competitive lead times within industry standards. Need it faster? Work with your rep to see if your project may qualify.

Do you offer design services?
If you are looking for design services please call or email for a quote on your specific project provided we have the availability.
Do you make “insert part name”?
We get asked if we make anything from obsolete motorcycle parts to very specific parts for a certain brand. The answer is we make your custom parts to the specifications of your design. Send us a file you designed and we will let you know if we can make it.
Is there a cost for requesting a quote?

No, requesting a quote is free of charge and without obligation. We’re here to help you get accurate pricing for your project.

Can I make design modifications after receiving a quote?

Yes, you can make design modifications even after receiving a quote. Simply inform us about the changes, and we’ll adjust the quote accordingly.

How do I place an order after receiving a quote?

If you’re satisfied with the quote, let us know, and we’ll guide you through the order confirmation process. You may use the online order system on portal.parts-badger.com if you have an account or let your rep know. Our team will keep you updated throughout production.

What file formats do you accept for design files?

We accept various file formats, including .STL, .STEP, .IGES, and .DWG. If you’re unsure, reach out, and we’ll assist you.

Can I reorder parts from a previous project?

Yes, if you need to reorder parts from a previous project, simply provide us with the relevant details, and we’ll replicate the production process.

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