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    PartsBadger Increases Capacity and Efficiency

    While manufacturers around the world are settling into the abyss COVID-19 has produced, PartsBadger seeks the light. Continuing an investment strategy into the production of CNC machined parts at their Cedarburg, WI facility. PartsBadger is an ITAR registered, ISO...

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    PartsBadger Donates Surgical Masks

    PartsBadger joins those providing relief to the healthcare system by donating 500 surgical masks to local healthcare facilities. Amid the dire need for these types of masks, the people at PartsBadger are doing their part to get involved. Healthcare systems across the...

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    PartsBadger is doing their part.

    Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak and state mandated practices, PartsBadger, a CNC Machine Shop in Cedarburg, WI, has not been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic or statewide shutdowns. The PartsBadger sales and engineering teams have been shifted to work...

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    Surface Finish: What are Your Options?

    Surface Finish: What are Your Options? Rough Polish Brushing Knurling Tumbling Surface finish, also known as surface texture, is the state of a surface by three characteristics: lay, surface roughness, and waviness. Each...

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    Innovation is Accelerated by Online Quotes

    Online Quotes Move Your Products Faster PartsBadger, a provider of CNC manufactured parts, was founded on the premise that humankind’s ability to innovate shall not be limited by the ability to make. Having found limitations in the industry for quote and production...

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    What is a Prototype?

    What is a prototype?   A prototype is an initial version of a product that allows you to explore your ideas and show the intention behind a feature or the overall design concept before investing time and money into full development. A prototype can be anything from a...

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    What is Kerf?

    Kerf is the width of material that is removed by a cutting process, such as CNC milling or hand-cutting with a saw. The term was originally used to describe how much wood was removed by a saw. A saw's teeth are bent to the side so that they remove more...

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    Properties of Grade 5 Titanium (Ti6Al4V or Ti 6-4)

    Properties of Titanium Ti-6Al-4V (Grade 5):   Grade 5 Titanium is one of the most popular alloys in the titanium industry and makes up almost half of the titanium used in the world.  Commonly referred to as Ti-6AL-4V (or Ti 6-4), this designation refers to its...

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    6061 Aluminum vs 7075 Aluminum

    What is the difference between 6061 and 7075 Aluminum grades? When deciding on a material for prototypes, structural, aerospace, and many other applications, 6061 and 7075 aluminum alloys are commonly brought up. In order to make a proper material choice we need to...

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    What is the difference between turning and milling?

    What is the difference between CNC Turning and CNC Milling? Turning operations are performed by rotating the workpiece and using a stationary cutting tool, and milling operations are performed by rotating the cutting tool and leaving the workpiece locked in place. CNC...

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