Clean Environment

Excellent Lighting

Climate Controlled

Continued Growth

Diverse Parts Machining

Free Snacks & Drinks

Why PartsBadger?

PartsBadger changes the way people and companies source their custom manufactured parts. We believe in a do-whatever-it-takes attitude to get the job done. We accept the feedback of others and take ownership of our actions. If you are open-minded and ready to be a part of something bigger than yourself, continue reading…

What is the Position?

PartsBadger is seeking a CNC Machinists of all skill levels to collaborate with a small team of people dedicated to the success of our customers. Attitude is key. Having a positive attitude will allow the team to operate at a high level of energy. If you or others perceive you as arrogant or defensive, perhaps this isn’t the role for you.

Work Environment:

PartsBadger is a relaxed, casual work environment located in a Cedarburg, WI. Our location boasts 15,000 sq. ft that blends office, and climate-controlled production space. We continue to develop the layout of our shop to ensure that our new machinery will be efficiently placed and will allow for a generous amount of personal working space. We maintain extreme cleanliness on our production floor and organization is applied to every work station.

Opportunity for Advancement:

This position is structured to allow for advancement in a variety of areas with flexibility to try new things and challenge your mental boundaries. PartsBadger understands the value of our team and we work hard to nurture creativity and engagement.

Fringe Benefits:

  • Catered Lunches Provided Daily
  • Complementary Fully Stocked Snack Bar
  • IRA Minimum 3% Match
  • FreshBenies (Virtual Doctor – Free to Employees)
  • Health Insurance (Gold Plan)
  • Dental Insurance
  • Professional Development

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About PartsBadger:

PartsBadger was founded by Tech Entrepreneurs and has the goal of disrupting a multi-billion-dollar industry using creative yet effective new-age business techniques. PartsBadger wants to change the way people and companies source their custom parts.


We believe the ability for humankind to innovate shall not be limited by the ability to make.


To advance the innovation of others through simplified, responsive, and efficient manufacturing.



Everything we do has the goal of increasing the speed at which our customers receive quotes, get responses to questions, and get their parts.


We will respond to your needs – no matter what it takes. We are determined to get you your parts quickly, correctly, and at the right price.


We’re here to change the custom parts game by changing how you get your parts. Instant quoting, quick delivery, and awesome prices help bring your ideas and inventions to the world.


We’re here to help with a smile on our face. We’ve been where you are – in need of a custom part in order to move forward. We make a once frustrating process fun.