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Get your 3D printed parts in production quality aluminum with our fast and affordable maker service.  We accept your da Vinci, Cube, Makerbot or ultimaker 3D .STL files.

Quality Control at PartsBadger is Essential

Manufacturers and machine shops are looking to get leaner, while PartsBadger is growing. CNC Machines, people, processes, and certifications are all part of the growth plan. Our quality control department continues to expand the number of professionals, and measurement & testing tools to ensure that we are fulfilling orders on-time and on-spec.

Quality Control Solutions

The team that makes up our quality control department is a fluid group of individuals that are ready to innovate, be proactive, and develop on best practices to ensure your parts are done right. As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, we take quality control seriously. Careful inspection, and detailed record keeping ensures that all your parts are being shipped only after careful evaluation. We want you to have the best experience with PartsBadger from start to finish, and through all of your orders with us.

Benefits of the PartsBadger Quality Control Team

  • If a PartsBadger part is not up to spec, our quality manager will work with you to resolve it.
  • Quality control starts at the beginning with files. Our design engineers ensure that the file(s) are reviewed and approved prior to the machining process. The physical quality control department then reviews the parts to ensure they are to spec.
  • All repairs or adjustments are completed according to the customer’s specifications.
  • A basic dimensional inspection report can be made available.
  • A CMM, or Capability Maturity Model, can be obtained through PartsBadger.

We are proud to be a part of our customer’s supply chain by providing parts that are machined to their specifications. We are fast, innovative, responsive, and friendly, which shows in every part we make and customer we work with.

Ellis O’Connell

Quality Control Lead

I am a designer and artist, pursuing innovation in various fields of business. I like to spend my free time skateboarding, making video art, and traveling.

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Fixed prices are available right online! Upload your design, see your price, and get your parts in as little as 5 days. Your order confirmation will be in your email inbox within a few hours and your parts will enter production. You will also receive a tracking number to the email address you provide so you can keep an eye on when your shipment will arrive to you!


Instant quoting of your machined parts is a breeze. Online ordering speeds up your order by 2-days versus the ‘other guys’. Our standard production parts arrive in the same amount of time as the ‘other guys’ expedited services. Why pay more for expedited processes when we do it in the same amount of time for less money?


PartsBadger is one of the lowest cost machined parts providers in the world. Why? Because a simplified process means lower costs for our customers. Who doesn’t like lower costs for high quality products?


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PartsBadger takes pride in the vast amount of information we have available. Want a breakdown of aluminium types?  See what finishes we offer?  No problem. Click above and dive in to some of our excellent process and material information.

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