Portal Overview

Below is an overview of the Online Portal.

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In-Depth Look of Online Customer Portal

Here is an in depth look at each tab on the PartsBadger Online Portal.

Home Page

  • On the home page, this is where you can submit a request for quote.
  • This is also where you can easily access the orders, quotes, and order requirements pages.
  • You can view open orders. Along with the Order Number, PO Number, Status, Estimated Ship Date, Total, and Actions of the order.
  • Also view completed orders. Along with the Order Number, PO Number, Completed Date, Total, and Actions.
  • Easily contact a Rep for help.
Adding new part on Home Page

Orders Page

  • Look at order history
  • Create new order
  • Submit an RFQ
  • Search for orders
  • View details on your orders
Submit RFQ on Orders Page.

Quotes Page

  • Create new RFQ
  • Look at RFQ history
  • Search for RFQ
  • View details on your RFQs.
Adding New Quote on Quotes page.

Parts Page

  • Look at history of parts created
  • View updates on parts
  • Search for your parts
  • View details on your parts
Checking Parts Updates on Parts Page.

3D Viewer Page

  • Drop your file to view your part in 3D.
3D Model

Order Requirements Page

  • Fill in your Material/Finish Compliance
  • Enter your Quality Inspection
  • Fill in your Shipping Requirements
  • Enter your Certificate Requirements
  • Fill in your Material/Drawing Requirements
  • Enter  your Government Restrictions
  • Fill in your Additional Restrictions
Order Requirements Page

Settings Page

  • Change your login email or link other emails that have done business with PartsBadger.
  • Add or change your address for next quote.
  • Manage each state you are tax exempt from.
  • Submit your NDA form.
  • Change the contact information we use in order to send invoices.
  • Activate your mobile number to receive notifications via SMS.
Settings in PartsBadger Portal

Need Help Page

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