PartsBadger has been awarded the distinction of 2020 Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year Honoree. It is with pride we join other fantastic companies that rose to the challenge 2020 created.

2020 was anything but traditional. As people and companies embraced the term “new normal”, it became apparent that pivoting style and operations was a necessity. PartsBadger’s innovation team had already begun this conversation in December of 2019 as news spread of Coronavirus (later termed Covid-19).

PartsBadger produces CNC manufactured parts for just about every industry, including Healthcare, Medical, Bioscience, Product Development, and Research & Development. When the C-Suite and Management team recognized the potential for a major shift in the supply chain of our customers, it was a time to be responsive and evolve with a changing market. Early during the pandemic in 2020, nearly $.75MM was invested in enhancing PartsBadger’s domestic output – New CNC Machines (3-axis, 5-axis, high speed), Production Team growth, and Sales Team development. To start 2021, PartsBadger has invested heavily again in a new CMM machine and additional 4th and 5th axis CNC machines.

PartsBadger is operated by forward-thinking individuals. Before the US Covid-19 pandemic started, key personnel embraced in brainstorming and guidance discussions. These discussions lead to social distancing and sanitary practices before Stay-at-Home orders were given in Wisconsin. The organization was quick to prepare and adapt to working remotely. During the Safer at Home orders, PartsBadger rallied to gain essential business status. This allowed us to continue manufacturing production of essential components, such as ventilator parts. It was critical during this time to remain in operation to help supply the frontlines as those projects came in.

By pivoting resources and systems, PartsBadger has been able to maintain growth for people and the company. The decision to pursue a Sales Stratification reorganization has allowed the company to pivot internal processes while providing an even higher degree of customer service. It’s clear to see the care that has been taken for all people – employees, partners, customers, and families.
From the WIMOTY Website:

In a traditional year, the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year (MOTY) Awards would be announced at an evening reception at The Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. This black-tie event is an annual recognition of the impact manufacturing has on Wisconsin and a chance to showcase excellence in the industry.

The past year was anything but traditional, however. So, MOTY shifted its focus from selecting individual businesses as winners and instead chose to honor a large group of manufacturers who truly stepped up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This list of honorees includes employers who shifted manufacturing lines to make personal protective equipment (PPE) and COVID-19 swab sticks. It includes businesses who supported their local community through additional charity work and food donations to frontline healthcare workers. And it includes manufacturers who innovated to speed up production for local supply chains.

This year’s honorees only touch the surface of what manufacturers and their employees have done in the past year, and this recognition is a fraction of the praise this industry deserves.

The goal of the MOTY Awards program and its partners – Baker TillyMichael Best and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) – is to highlight the best of the best in manufacturing. In 2020, the best of the best distinguished themselves by turning challenges into opportunities, stepping up instead of stepping back, and showing the state that ingenuity and innovation are alive and well on the factory floors of Wisconsin.

But it doesn’t end there. The MOTY team is honored to celebrate and share many of these stories through Wisconsin Made. The Podcast. New episodes will be released each Friday starting on March 19, 2021.

PartsBadger’s operational flexibility has allowed for growth to continue during this unprecedented time. We will continue to support social distancing, appropriate PPE, and sanitary practices regardless of the state and federal orders. It’s imperative that everyone remains safe – for themselves and those around them.

We are humbled to be able to share our story through the WIMOTY program and recognize the hard work all the companies have put in to keep their operations and people going during a time of uncertainty. We look forward to the future and getting our people back into the office to continue in-person innovation discussions.