While manufacturers around the world are settling into the abyss COVID-19 has produced, PartsBadger seeks the light. Continuing an investment strategy into the production of CNC machined parts at their Cedarburg, WI facility. PartsBadger is an ITAR registered, ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified facility that machines components for essential needs including National Defense and Medical applications. This grants them the classification as an essential business during these difficult times and they will continue to provide their customers the fast, innovative, responsive and friendly service that they always have.

Roy Dietsch, CEO says, “Helping our customers innovate faster is our goal and the new Turning / Milling center for our AS9100 / ITAR facility will allow us to reduce lead times and reduce costs with 24/7 operation. As part of a $2MM investment plan the Okuma L300-M-e is equipped with a sub-spindle, automatic bar feeder, and Y and C-axis milling, and a 1000psi coolant system allowing us to produce precision parts with +/-0.0001″ tolerances in a single setup with unattended operation which keeps costs down for our customers.”

This new system joins additional turning centers along with PartsBadger’s 3 and 5-axis CNC machining capabilities. Practicing safe social distancing and sanitization techniques assures customers that their products are being produced, finished, and shipped in a responsible manner during the COVID-19 outbreak, and thereafter. PartsBadger is committed to maintaining the growth of their offering and capacity for customers so they may continue to have a supply chain and innovate.