PartsBadger Expedites Domestic CNC Machining Growth Plan

Recently, in March, PartsBadger expanded production capacity and capability by adding their latest Turning / Milling Center along with an automatic bar feeder and a high pressure coolant system to help their customers innovate faster.  This new addition allows for unattended rapid production of high volume jobs and ultimately increases shop capacity while lowering cost.

PartsBadger continued their $2MM investment plan at the beginning of April by expediting the purchase of three more 3-axis CNC machines with trunnions to allow for 5-axis machining capability. Two of the CNC machines are designed for high speed production (Haas DM-2). These machines are also equipped with quick change vices that allow for accelerated tooling set up while drastically minimizing the machine downtime.

Roy Dietsch, the CEO of PartsBadger says, “We’ve expedited our expansion plans for our ITAR/AS9100 facility by adding additional five axis machines.  This expansion allows us to offer more aggressive lead times and better pricing in this growing space.  By investing in new equipment we can offer faster cycle times, better surface finishes, and a much lower scrap rate, all of which reduces prices for our customers.”

PartsBadger has been awarded the designation of Essential Business during the COVID-19 outbreak. This designation allows PartsBadger to continue production at its Cedarburg, WI facility, which in turn, helps their customers continue to have a supply chain for production and rapid prototyping needs. PartsBadger is doing their part so customers’ innovations can continue to be accelerated, no matter the circumstance.

If you’d like to learn more about PartsBadger, email or call 331-223-4378.



PartsBadger Haas Trunnion