Parts Badger will add sheet metal fabrication services to their capabilities list. The company is now offering this service to all their customers. Roy Dietsch, CEO of Parts Badger, made the decision to expand their capabilities after receiving many inquiries about the service.

Our vision of streamlining manufacturing services so that companies can accelerate their innovation is taking another leap forward by adding this critical service. On-demand sheet metal and fabrication is an important complementary service we can now offer along side our machining, 3D printing, and light assembly services. We believe that by offering full service solutions to our customers, we can help add diversity, flexibility, and responsiveness allowing our customers to develop and deliver products faster than before.” -Roy Dietsch, CEO, Parts Badger

Parts Badger will now offer these specific sheet metal services: Laser cutting, bending & forming, tapping, CNC routing, and deburring. Laser cutting services will be at a cost-effective price with a final product featuring super clean edges and a beautifully crafted finish. The company’s CAD software will use this service to create parts precisely to the original design.

Parts Badger will also expand their services in ways that very few other companies are currently able to by offering bending & forming. They will improve timelines by making manufacturing more accessible to all customers. They can use a wide variety of materials to create the products that the customers ask for. These materials include stainless steel, aluminum, alloys, carbons, and galvanized steels.

Parts Badger Continues to Innovate

This expansion is another example of how Parts Badger’s innovation led to being ranked #525 on Inc. Magazine’s Annual 5000 list in 2021. Other innovative ideas like instant quoting and 24/7 manufacturing have led to a 936% three-year revenue growth and separation from the competition. By expanding to sheet metal fabrication services, their revenue growth will continue to rise. This will be a company to watch for years to come.

Innovative and Custom Parts Designed for You

Parts Badger creates the exact product that is designed by you. We use Instant quoting and 24/7 manufacturing to create and return your products to you very quickly. Our services include but are not limited to:

Our knowledgeable team of experts will work closely with you to create high-quality components fabricated to your unique specifications, regardless of complexity. Contact us or request your rapid quote today to work with us on your next project.