Machine Shop Automation – Bar Feeders


During the first half of 2020 PartsBadger has seen a drastic increase in the need for domestic CNC manufacturing. In order to meet the needs of all current and future customers we have expedited our $2MM investment plan to bring in multiple new machining centers along with adding automation features to existing machines.

Rebel 80 Bar Feeders Added to Turning Centers


PartsBadger’s Okuma turning/milling centers are now fully equipped with multiple automatic bar feeders to allow for unattended operation and higher volume production. 

Bar feeders supply bar stock or shafts to turning centers using a fully automated process. This means that the daily output on these turning centers has increased from hundreds to thousands. Secondary turning centers are still maintained for lower volume and complex jobs that require a machinists operation, but having dedicated machines with integrated automation for high volume jobs will ultimately increase efficiency while lowering cost for our customers. 

The Rebel 80 is a PLC controlled, full servo automatic bar feeder designed to load and feed bar stock up to 4 inches in diameter.

Features of the Rebel 80 include:

▪ Mitsubishi PLC controller and drive system.
▪ All electrical operation, eliminating the need for shop air.
▪ Storage for spindle liners incorporated into the bar feeder base.
▪ An axial shifting device to allow the bar feeder to be moved away from the lathe spindle for maintenance or spindle liner changes with no loss of alignment.
▪ Soft load bar presentation to reduce the jarring effect of heavy bars dropping into the channel.
▪ Parameter driven fully automatic bar diameter adjustment and pusher thrust.
▪ Fixed piece feeding, sub-spindle mode and push to a stop methods of bar feeding.
▪ Return and wait function to reduce bar change time by up to 30%.
▪ Touch screen control panel with memory for 36 individual jobs.
▪ Easy to change pushers, diameters 10 and 19 (optional 8mm pusher available)