Online Quotes Move Your Products Faster

PartsBadger, a provider of CNC manufactured parts, was founded on the premise that humankind’s ability to innovate shall not be limited by the ability to make. Having found limitations in the industry for quote and production speed, the founders developed a quoting algorithm which would allow anyone to expedite the online quotes process and order their parts online.

Online QuotesRoy Dietsch, CEO of PartsBadger says, “I created PartsBadger, along with business partner Jimmy Crawford, to fundamentally change the way companies innovate. Using modern tools, we created a way to get instant quotes, great prices, and reliable performance. Our core values; Fast, Innovative, Responsive, and Friendly, allow us to expedite the innovation of others.”

The PartsBadger Instant Online Quotes ( process is designed to give excellent pricing on prototype parts from quantity 1 to 25. PartsBadger later designed the Rapid Quote tool ( for low or high volume, simple or complex, and prototypes, to provide an accurate quote within a few hours. Additionally, PartsBadger employs a team of design engineers to review files, make suggestions for efficient manufacturing, and create 3D files from 2D files. These tools and team approach allow for an accelerated quoting system to help innovators move forward, faster.

The Instant Online Quotes tool has undergone an algorithm adjustment to provide a more accurate pricing matrix for visitors using the tool. The market data gathered for material, tooling, machine time, and secondary process costs have been factored in to the new algorithm. This adjustment has created a price reduction in most cases by calculating the costs in a more efficient manner.

Check it out for yourself and if you have any questions, a PartsBadger rep is ready to assist you.