Ashley Williams notable women in human resources

BizTime Media recognizes PartsBadger’s Ashley Williams as a Notable Women in Human Resources in their January 2021 special edition feature. The honorees were nominated by their peers and showcase the diversity of talent in the Milwaukee market. Ashley has shaped the Human Resources department at PartsBadger through researched academic methodology and is setting the example for shaping the future of the Milwaukee Region.

BizTimes Media Ashley Williams Notable Women in Human Resources

Written text from the image above:

“Ashley Williams was one of PartsBadger’s first hires (in 2017), joining as an operations assistant with the goal of expanding her experience in human resources. She immediately took over the human resources role, overseeing recruitment so a small team of six grew to more than 40 employees. Creating the department from scratch, Williams used academic research to create a modern selection and evaluation process that focused on perfect fit acquisition and retention catering to the needs of millennials and Gen-Z.

With only cursory prior experience in human resources, Williams wasn’t bound by the typical limitations of the status quo, but her new position required a daunting amount of research. Williams committed herself to that research and created a hiring and retention system that was bound by the foundations of academic research in motivation. What Williams has accomplished since is truly extraordinary, according to PartsBadger’s CEO Roy Dietsch.

In just three years, Williams has developed a robust, systematized and leading-edge human resources department that not only selects the best people, but develops them professionally, while aligning the resources available through the state and county governments and universities, Dietsch said.”

We asked Ashley a few questions about her thoughts on being honored and what’s next for her and PartsBadger:

How do you feel about receiving this honor?

“I am very proud and feel very accomplished for making the list. I had minimal HR experience coming in to PartsBadger and its amazing that in 3 years, I was able to make a list with people who have been doing this for 20+ years!”

What motivates you?

“I am very motivated by people. I love seeing people happy and knowing I am helping them grow their careers. Making some great friends along the way is just an added bonus for me!”

What’s next for you and PartsBadger?

“What’s next for me personally is finishing school with my degree in HR. In regard to PartsBadger, I want to keep seeing everyone happy when I come to work every day. Knowing I played a part in making this a great place to work really makes all the stress behind the scenes seem irrelevant. We are always working to make sure that everything we do is beneficial to our employees and their growth and we want to be able to offer our employees the best benefits and opportunities that we can.”

We are proud to have Ashley receive this distinction and be recognized as a leader in Human Resources and we look forward to her continued development within PartsBadger and development of self. Congratulations Ashley Williams!

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