5 Benefits of 3D Printing for your business

3D printing technology is the future, but what does that mean? It’s important to understand exactly how it can benefit your business, particularly if you’re just getting started with 3D printing. Whether you’re in manufacturing or simply making prototypes of your product before manufacturing it in mass, 3D printing can make your life easier. Here are 5 benefits of 3D printing for your business today.

1) Realistic prototypes

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits to consider is that 3D printing allows you to test out prototypes in a realistic setting. Since you can use CAD software to virtually print objects, you can perfect it before taking it into production. When you make real prototypes, they need to be flawless. Using 3D printing technology will give more room for error and increase efficiency overall. You’ll save on money, time and effort in other aspects as well

Designers and engineers are able to experiment with different prototypes more easily. They can make better informed decisions about parts and measurements. The same can be said for end users. It is much easier to experiment with a 3D printed prototype than it is a physical one because in many cases there are just fewer variables.

2) High Production Volume

If you run a very large production facility and need to keep up with demand, there’s no better way to do it than with a high-volume 3D printer. This machine can produce hundreds or even thousands of parts every day. This makes it an invaluable asset if you produce common parts, items or tools on a large scale. The high volume nature of these printers makes them perfect for factories producing countless products at once.

Engineers can even manufacture small parts in large volumes. When you have an issue with a common component, being able to produce 10, 20 or even 100 replacement parts at once can make all the difference. Engineers can make use of high-volume printers to create small tools and supplies. This gives large and small businesses a lot of flexibility.

3) Decreased Development Time

3D printing allows you to produce a prototype in days as opposed to weeks. This can help you develop products and services much faster, allowing you to be one step ahead of your competition.

The materials needed to produce a prototype using 3D printing is far less expensive than traditional manufacturing techniques.

Instead of having to build large batches, businesses can now create what is needed as it is needed using 3D printing. This helps businesses save on overhead costs associated with building materials and finished goods.

Customers can order what they need as soon as they need it with zero stock keeping. This enables you to offer customizable products and services, which means that you can better serve your customer’s needs.

4) Quicker Turnaround Times

If you’re in a time-sensitive industry, it’s possible that you could save time by investing in a company to 3D print your products. This is especially true if you’re planning on mass producing many items; traditional manufacturers might need up to four weeks just to manufacture one prototype. With a company that can 3D print, you can get multiple iterations done in only 24 hours, saving both time and money.

Not only do 3D printers create faster turnarounds, but it also allows you to produce parts that are more complex. For example, instead of producing an object in one single piece with a traditional manufacturer, you can have multiple parts printed separately and then assembled later on.

5) Save Money

3D printing is often cheaper than traditional manufacturing, particularly when you need a lot of parts. This means that if you need to create multiple products or if you’re creating custom-designed objects, there’s a good chance that 3D printing can save you money.

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