PartsBadger’s goal is to simplify the machined parts ordering process but we also pride ourselves in incredible and friendly service and great prices.  We’ve been getting calls from former Xometry customers wanting better service, quality, and pricing.  PartsBadger is here to welcome these customers with open arms.  PartsBadger wants to be your online machine shop.

PartsBadger is delighted to the acceptance of Xometry quotes and offering a discount of 20% for customers that switch.

Think of it as a Xometry Coupon Code.

Like Xometry, PartsBadger offers online quoting and ordering for your protoype and production parts.  PartsBadger also offers design services including file conversion, design modification, 3D CAD creation, and reverse engineering.  PartsBadger offers machining services including CNC 3, 4 and 5 axis, Turning(Lathe), Wire EDM and Small Hole EDM.  Also offered are a range of materials including plastics, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, tool steel, and exotics.

PartsBadger is growing at a rapid rate with over 1000 customer order within the first year of launch.  Usuing a unique approach to the ordering process PartsBadger is rapidly gaining market share.  By simplifying the ordering and quoting process PartsBadger is able to greatly reduce expenses and offer parts at very competitive prices, normally with savings of 20-50% off traditionally procured parts.

Although ordering is online, PartsBadger focuses on the customer with design engineers reviewing every order, assisting customers with designs and custom quotes, and even creating designs for customers.  Outstanding service helps create the volume of orders needed to keep costs low and prices competitive.

For more information please reach out to one of the PartsBadger design engineers they are happy to help any way they can.