PartsBadger will be at the Palatine Maker Faire

With such a great reception at our last Maker Faire PartsBadger will be going on the road. PartsBadger is proud to announce our attendance at the Palatine Maker Faire on May 20th. We were amazed at some of the clever and innovative things we saw at the Madison Maker Faire and frankly we wanted to see more. If you have the chance to stop by our booth please do. We will again be displaying some of the project that we have been able to help turn from a starting design or 3D print and custom machine into a final product.


Below is a except from the Palatine Maker Faire website. We can’t wait to see everyone there.


Palatine Mini Maker Faire:

Maker Faire is moving to the burbs! The Palatine Mini Maker Faire, hosted by Quest Academy, is giving opportunities to makers, inventors, artists, and tinkerers from Chicago, Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin and all over the Midwest the chance to share their creativity with the Illinois community. Come to a Maker Faire to explore your own creativity, and be exposed to some of the most creative people in Illinois! Present at a Maker Faire to show off your amazing inventions!