Oil and Gas Industry

PartsBadger is Strengthening the Oil and Gas Industry

Gaskets, pins, and other small to medium parts needed to build or repair gas & oil machinery.

PartsBadger is ISO 9001:2015 Certified, providing the highest level of quality standard expected from the oil and gas industry.

oil and gas part example
oil and gas part example
oil and gas part example

The oil and gas industry relies on strong products, precision, and rapid delivery for their supply chain to keep machinery running. PartsBadger is the trusted partner for CNC machining and is committed to providing quality assurance through investment in our quality control department and our quality certifications. We manufacture oil and gas parts, such as, valves, pins, bushings, engine components, tools, and more. Check out our capabilities and material pages to learn more of our offerings.

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PartsBadger takes pride in the vast amount of information we have available. Want a breakdown of aluminium types?  See what finishes we offer?  No problem. Click above and dive in to some of our excellent process and material information.

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Easy, Fast, and Affordable. These are core ideas that drive every person here at PartsBadger. Based in Milwaukee, WI, PartsBadger can have your machined parts shipped quick to meet your schedule.

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