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    Design Engineer Tip: Adding Radii

    Design Engineer Tip: Adding Radii Does your part need to be machined to inscribe a shape within it? This process is called Profile Milling. For our example, we are looking at milling a square shape, with depth, within a cube see fig. 1 and fig. 2 examples below. Fig....

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    CNC Machined Parts in 14-Days or Less!

    CNC Machined Parts in 14-Days or Less! Lead time is vital to supply chain management. Fulfilling your machined parts order in a timely fashion allows you to continue production with less downtime. Downtime is lost dollars in manufacturing, so...

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    The 3 Q’s of Quality Management

    The 3 Q’s of Quality Management: 1. QUALITY 2. QUALITY 3. QUALITY Allow us to explain... The First Q: A Quality Executive Team A quality executive team exemplifies the company by showcasing the company’s core ideals internally and externally...

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    PartsBadger is now ITAR Compliant

        PartsBadger takes U.S. National Security seriously. That’s why we have completed the registration to be ITAR Compliant. The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a set of regulations placed forth by the U.S. Department of State “for the export and...

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    PartsBadger Completes Purchase of GT Engineering Inc. Assets

    PartsBadger, one of the largest providers of CNC machined parts in Wisconsin, completed its purchase of the assets formerly owned by GT Engineering Inc.  GT Engineering Inc, founded in 1994, grew its operations by providing superior service, quality, and on-time...

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    Project Spotlight – Hybrid Cooling Modding

    Project Spotlight - Hybrid Cooling Modding Customer: Hybrid Cooling Modding Project: Computer Cooling Water Block Project Category: Computer Components Hybrid Cooling Modding came to us with the need to have parts made for their custom cooling project for computers....

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    Project Spotlight – Andy Schmid – Custom Stem

    Customer: Andy Schmid - Former Race Car Designer Project: Custom Stem for a Road Bike Category: Automotive CNC Machining   Summary: In Andy's free time, he decided to use CAD software to design a custom part for his road bike. After being told the part would be very...

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    Project Spotlight – Custom Underdrive Pulleys

    Customer: Tim F. - AveoForum Project: Custom Underdrive Pulleys Category: Automotive CNC Machining   Summary: Tim wanted to offer underdrive pulleys to the Aveo community and "turned" 😉  to PartsBadger for help.  Tim's pulley's required turning with our large lathe...

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