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Our 3 axis milling services let you create custom parts without breaking the bank. Find out how we can provide solutions for your next project today!

3-Axis Milling

PartsBadger is an online machine shop for creating custom parts with 3 axis milling. We offer one-stop shopping for all your machining needs from CNC engraving to custom parts production.

In a three-axis milling machine, there are three axes of movement—the X, Y and Z axis. X axis means up/down, Y axis means left/right, and Z axis means forward, backward.


File Types

.STP, .STEP, .STL 2D drawing file also required

3 Axis Milling


Turn Ideas Into Reality – Create custom parts and pieces using 5 axis milling, without having to leave your home.
Save Time And Resources – Working with PartsBadger is fast, easy, and allows you to save time without sacrificing quality or precision.
Grow Your Business – Boost your production capacity, save money on unnecessary equipment purchases, and generate new revenue streams at home with a custom machining solution.


Instant Quotes – Get an instant quote for parts or quotes for a service we provide. Just answer a few quick questions about your project and we’ll tell you how much it will cost and how long it will take.

Service Updates – We make it a priority to send updates on your parts for our customers and lead times.

High Technology – We continue to update our shop with new innovative technology to make your parts more efficiently.

Lead Time

We strive to complete your parts at break-neck speed to keep your supply chain in order and get to market.

3 axis milling

PartsBadger believes ordering custom parts ought to be simple, fast, and straightforward. We know that getting a price on your part without having to wait allows you to move faster, which means your ideas move forward. Let PartsBadger become a part of your supply chain as Your Online CNC Machine Shop.


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Accelerate Your Innovation

We’re here to help you manufacture your machined parts efficiently and timely. We understand the importance of getting your product(s) to market before your competitors do. We provide quotes in hours and most parts in 14-Days or less. Use the form to reach our specialists to request a quote, check on an order status, or to learn more about us and our capabilities. We’re ready to accelerate your innovation.


At PartsBadger, not all of the services we offer relate to a order. We know there is a lot of information out there and a lot of it is helpful. It is part of our mission to make sure the most helpful information is available to our customers. This is why we have compiled the key information about the CNC process, materials, and finishes.

Not sure what material you need? Or maybe you’re not sure what part category your project would fall into? We want to offer the information that will make your project right. So if you do run in to a issue or a question feel free to contact us.

Precision, Quality and Affordability at any volume

In addition to Urethane Casting, our Modern CNC machines can handle small radius cuts and maintain a high quality level whether you want one piece or one hundred. Chamfered edges, multi radius curves, and tapped holes are a few things that make machining a part more workable for any projects. We take pride in making quality, custom, low cost, cast and machined parts.

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