Available Surface Finishes


burr is a raised edge or small piece of material remaining attached to a piece after production. Milling is the process of removing the burrs. Your part will be supplied with no finishing, other than removal of burrs.

Rough Polish

The part is to be supplied with a rough polish which will remove most machining marks. Some scratches and machining marks still may remain. These minor scratches can be removed with high grit wet sanding followed by polishing.

Bead Blast

Bead Blasting uses glass beads at a high pressure to provide a certain finish. Light bead blasting may produce a satin finish, where heavy bead blasting results in a matte finish. Standard bead blasting uses 80#. Your part will be supplied with a consistent dull finish.

Deburr Surface Finishes
Polish Surface Finishes
Bead Blast Surface Finishes

Available Surface Treatments


Anodizing creates a thin oxidized layer that may be dyed a certain color. Anodizing is only available on Aluminum or Stainless Steel materials. Anodizing will make the surface non-conductive. Type I thin or Type III thick anodizing is available. Colors include: Clear, Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Purple, Green, and Brown.



Chromate Conversion/Alodine

Chromate Coating provides additional corrosion resistance or as a primer for powder coating while maintaining conductivity. Chromate coatings are soft and gelatinous when first applied, but harden and become hydrophobic as they age. This process creates an iridescent or yellow tint to the part.


One of the benefits of electropolishing for stainless stee, is that it removes iron from the surface and enhances the chromium/nickel content. This process creates a mirror like finish on the part, creating a higher polish than what can be created manually.

Anodizing Surface Finishes
Chromate Conversion Surface Finishes
Electropolishing Surface Finishes