Machining Accelerated; PartsBadger Continues Expansion Plan for Domestic Production Capacity

PartsBadger has continued its domestic CNC machining growth plan by adding 3 additional milling centers to the machine lineup in their Cedarburg, WI facility. This addition increases the capacity for 3rd, 4th, and 5th axis machining output.

At PartsBadger, they believe in continual growth, whether it be from a business standpoint or a technology one. As is typical everytime they grow, key personnel sit down and assess the ongoing growth issues. This strategic team soon came to realize that with the current job flow of having most of the CNC machines running long-runtime production jobs, they were beginning to limit the potential of their prototyping side of the business. When long-term production jobs occupy machines with the latest capabilities, such as 5th axis machining, it causes excess time to be spent pulling a job too quickly and then setting the long-runtime project back up before the off shifts.

The Strategic team at PartsBadger understands the weight of the options and which decisions are going to create the highest level of return on innovation. Large machine = slower rapid times but more capabilities of increased table utilization. Smaller machines = faster rapids and less distance to travel. Due to the maximization of their current processes they knew that the majority of their parts are smaller and require multiple setups if done traditionally. It was easy to determine the need for fast travel, short distances and the capabilities of connecting a 5th axis or 4th axis to accommodate for all the extra setups.

After careful deliberation the team decided that the VF2SS and the VF2SSYT with their 30x16x20 and 30x24x20 travels were sufficient, as long as the capability to add an indexer or trunnion was available. This allows for the shorter distance and faster rapid production but also production capacity to use the trunnion to limit the need for the extra table size. PartsBadger now has the capabilities to have their operators running production projects, as well as, running an additional longer runtime part at the same time due to the extra machines. This also allows them to have machines at the ready when prototyping needs arise and spend much less time on setup without disrupting the flow of production.

PartsBadger’s dedication to growth in domestic production keeps them online when customers need it:

  • Hybrid production/prototype cells
  • 24/7 Operations
  • 3/4/5th Axis Dynamic Machining
  • Bar Feeding/Parts Catching for Unattended Operation

Additionally allowing for accelerated manufacturing:

  • Multi Axis turning with sub spindle
  • Quick change Workholding
  • Quick Change Collet Chucks
  • Next Gen and Okuma OSP Controls
  • Wireless Intuitive Probing
  • Dynamic Work Offsets
  • Tool Center Point Control

All of this has the added benefit of creating multiple job opportunities in their production facility:

  • Operators
  • Machinists
  • Programmers
  • Quality Control
  • Administration

PartsBadger’s growth plan is customer focused: responsive and scalable to their customer’s needs and will continue to assess the changes in demand and output.