Relentless, Determined, Clever…A badger spend its time and energy wisely to achieve it’s goals.

We’d Like You to Meet PartsBadger.           cropped-PB_ICON.jpg

PartsBadger is the new solution to custom machined parts. Simplifying the process of ordering while maintaining the high quality you demand. Amazing things happen when an idea has the opportunity to grow, and not to long ago that is what PartsBadger was, just a idea. With hard work and dedication that idea has brought a new way to order machined parts. Simplifying order process with a Instant Quote service. Exceeding value by keeping our prices even lower than our competition. Offering a tailored service for the maker community so their idea has the same opportunity that PartsBadger had to grow and maybe become the new standard.

We would like to welcome you to our simple idea. Let us know what you think.